[Sidefx-houdini-list] Practical RAT size limits

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Thu Aug 20 07:19:51 EDT 2009

I assume you're running 64 bit? I would guess the issue is more about the application and memory allocation as opposed to an inherent limitation in the format. At the very least, you can test that by using another format, and additionally try getting another app on the same platform to manipulate maps of that size.  Remember that rat is mip-mapped, there are multiple versions of your image being stuffed in there by default.

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Hi list,

I'm trying to assemble  huge RAT maps (80000 x 40000) but it seems I hit a
wall if any dimension exceeds ~32000 pixels (2^15?).

Does anyone have more insight of the limitations of the RAT file format and
/ or COP processing generally in houdini, dimension-wise?
Frederic Servant
R&D Engineer
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