[Sidefx-houdini-list] Curve Sop improvement

Jerry jerry at axyzfx.com
Wed Aug 19 15:44:27 EDT 2009

I suspect some of these are existing RFEs. Certainly in the case of
point number one.
But more voices in the choir will certainly help.
> Hi again,
> Inspired by the thread on what we should ask instead of Cop, I thought
> about the Curve Sop. I'm gonna do an RFE but I want to know if others have
> any suggestion about it at the same time.
> 1- Possibility to select more than one point and to be able to scale,
> rotate and translate them. To do that with the Edit Sop is not an option
> because if you want to add / remove some points it can be difficult.
> 2- Find a new workflow that prevent a new Curve Sop to be created when we
> try to pick a point to edit it's position and we click a little bit aside.
> That happens all the time and I find it very annoying.
> I'm sure there are other useful things to make non-procedural modeling
> easier. In the end, probably the whole workflow could be re-think for that
> node.
> François
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