[Sidefx-houdini-list] "You can't polish a turd" - was Siggraph & Maya..

Andy Nicholas andy at andynicholas.com
Wed Aug 19 06:43:16 EDT 2009

> I have to admit that the lack of video format support is the last
> thing I would name if ask about missing parts in cops.

Yep, I'd agree with that.

My feature requests in order would be:

1) Stability
2) A Feedback COP for doing trails. Really handy for wetmaps and footprints
3) Speed, but not at the expense of (1)
4) A Geometry COP with the ability to specify a camera would make it much
more useable. (I'm sure I could make it myself, but it would be convenient
to have this). More options too for rendering methods. In fact, having a
Mantra COP would be awesome!!! I tend to use the Geometry COP in
conjuction with the Trace SOP for those special operations that can't be
done any other way. I know I can render out something with a ROP, but
having the ability to pull an on-demand mantra render of something into
SOPs would be way too cool.


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