[Sidefx-houdini-list] save vex type to voptype and include <voptype.h> questions.

Nicholas Pliatsikas nick_p102 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 18 09:18:14 EDT 2009

Hey people, 

While working on the point cloud based image bombing shader, I wanted to test creating a voptype from a "vex type shop". Now in my vex Type code im using some vex code from other vop nodes. I.e the vop_composite function. This requires #include <voptype.h> and #include <voplib.h> to be in the vex code header.

So I right click on the "vex Type shader" and select "save as vop type". But when I do this all the vopType.h and voplib.h data is included in vopType code, which isnt very efficient and is problematic when there is updates to those source files.

My question is how do I give my vop access to the vopType.h data without including all the code.

Theres not much in the way of docs for this sort thing... well not much for vex in general :¬/


Thanks for the help Olex, your example gave me a good base to work from, for what ever reason the vops version of that vex code just didnt work :¬/ so it ended up being vex all the way.
I will share my results soon.

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