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 I agree with the idea of Houdini staying focused on effects, but I am thinking "Big Picture/Long-Term" thoughts and believe Houdini is poised to be an incredible production tool that everyone (well, new Studios that don't already have pipelines wrapped around many different packages) would want to use rather than just an Effects Tool that plugs into the back-end of your project, with some fairly painless (it seems to me, anyway, since they are all fairly common now...) additions/upgrades.

As I see things like "Nuke" moving into doing 3D camera and Stereo stuff and other compositing apps bringing in 3D geometry and using hardware rendering and doing real-time particle systems, etc. for PreVis as well as Post work, I think how Houdini could do all of these things and be totally integrated into the modeling/rigging/surfacing/animation/lighting/rendering package with a fantastic Digital Asset workflow, allowing for unparalleled parallel work between artists/departments.  

There is a lot of Pre-Vis and Post work done in compositors with 3D cameras that import/export from Maya, so why not just do it all in one powerful integrated package like Houdini from start to finish?  Plus one can also do 3D sound and such in CHOPs- think how much easier it could make audio folks' life if events in the scene triggered sound that had proper 3D placement and reverb, etc!!. (..maybe creating a simpler "Audio Operators" context to expose CHOPs to Audio Engineers in a more standard way.) 

Anyway, one can dream...


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Although I appreciate to do my pre-comp in Houdini I would prefer faster 
sim in Dop and other addition to the 3d world. Same thing about 2d 
tracking, other softwares are already good with that and I feel there 
will never be an end to improve that part of the software. Those softs 
will always be better with their specialities I think.

My ten cents.



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