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Sat Aug 15 09:23:41 EDT 2009

Features are nothing if the workflow is broken. For heavy fx stuff,  
Maya is currently in limbo - nParticles sounds good on paper but our  
TD's having been pulling their hair over it, nucleus in general is  
still very rudimentary, and let's not talk about caching, retiming,  
post-processing particles etc.. Not saying that Houdini is without it  
quirks and I certainly am not putting down Maya, but the big picture  
IMO is that the Houdini workflow and approach are much more sane.


On Aug 15, 2009, at 3:12 PM, Peter Robbinson wrote:

> On the other side of the cost equation Autodesk has made it
> significantly more costly for schools.
> PeterR
> craigleehoffman at aol.com wrote:
>> Didn't make it to Siggraph but heard that Maya will soon be  
>> "Unlimited" only and will include 5 Mental Ray licenses, the Toxik  
>> Compositor, and a 3D Tracker.
>> So for roughly the same price as Houdini at it's current 50% off  
>> price (I think- not sure on pricing) Maya folks will be able to  
>> work with industry standard Video files in their compositor (COPs  
>> only handles individual frames much to my chagrin), be able to  
>> track a 3D camera from that footage to bring right into Maya, do 3D  
>> Paint of color, bump, etc. maps on the surface of models, have  
>> decent hardware shading support, have a good fast solution for  
>> character clothing (n-Cloth), and have fast fluids and cloth and  
>> wire deformers- all of which Houdini (which used to be a more  
>> complete solution) lacks.
>> Suddenly I think Houdini is going to be a much harder sell for  
>> those of us who prefer it.? :(
>> I have to add that after working more in Houdini's DOPs in H10 more  
>> recently (wire deformers and fluids) and then seeing how simple and  
>> fast Maya's are to simulate and render I was quite dismayed.? I am  
>> not convinced the quality of Maya's dynamics are as good or  
>> flexible or powerful as Houdini's, but they certainly return  
>> 'usable' results much quicker right out of the box.? There are a  
>> lot of times where you want a small simple fast dynamics solution  
>> and that is a niche that Houdini hasn't been able to deliver on  
>> just yet, although it has gotten a lot better in recent iterations.
>> -Craig
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