[Sidefx-houdini-list] Mac Hardware

Lisa Reynolds lisa at red3d.com
Wed Aug 5 18:52:18 EDT 2009

  I spoke to a guy at the Apple store today and he said they no longer  
carry anything but the one Nvidia GeForce and one ATI card. Otherworld  
Computing carries the GeForce GTX 285 and the Quadro FX 4800, but  
specifically state it is for early 2008 and early 2009 Mac Pro models  
only. What's shipping now from Apple is the late 2009 Mac Pro so I'm  
not sure the cards have been tested in it yet.

Is anyone running either card with a late 2009 Mac Pro? It seems I  
might be stuck for the time being until someone gets around to  
verifying that they'll work in that machine. With the GTX 285 @ $500  
and the FX 4800 @ $1800 it's just too expensive a mistake to make if  
it won't work. Plus I really don't want to cripple Houdini with an  
inferior graphics card.


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