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Hello Dave,  

 Stupid question, and I'm sure you covered thos already but are your drivers up to date???  It sounds like a driver issue, maybe you need to revert to an older or newer driver.. Just a thought, and again I'm sir you addressed this already..

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On Aug 3, 2009, at 11:23 AM, David Johnson <daveinengland at gmail.com> wrote:

We bought a Quadro FX5600 direct from nVidia to put in a Mac Pro. At the
time we bought the Mac Pro, that was the model that Apple was shipping with
the card, but for accounting purposes, it was easier to buy the card
separately and install it ourselves. This card, though identical to the one
that shipped with the Mac Pro, has something in it that won't let it work in
a Mac Pro, but will work in a PC. We bought a special power cord attachment
also and it didn't work.

All this to say, if you can buy the card in the machine from Apple, you will
be much happier. Every machine we've bought with the card installed has
worked great. We've bought machines with the high end nVidia cards and with
the high end ATI cards, all have worked very well, though I don't have any

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