[Sidefx-houdini-list] HOM: changing attribute variables (varmap)

Steve Gustafson sgustafso at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 16:04:19 EDT 2009

Hey. I'm trying to figure out how to adjust the varmap attribute from
within a Python SOP node, either to add or remove variable mappings.
However, I'm having some difficulty getting this working.
The closest I've gotten has been able to set a /single/ attribute
mapping, using the geometry object's setGlobalAttribValue() method.
However, I can't pass in tuples/dicts/space-separated strings of
multiple mappings to do any more than that. It seems like the
attribute's underlying string table hasn't been exposed to python at
all, nor is there any sort of equivalent to the HDK's addVariableName
gdp method, at least not that I've found yet.

...and yes, of course I can just use a combination of the attribute
and attribCreate sops to do everything I could possibly want with the
varmap, but I'd prefer to keep my python sop node self-contained.

Any ideas on how to freely adjust the varmap through Python?


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