[Sidefx-houdini-list] Paint in absolute mode

Premamurti Paetsch premamurti.paetsch at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 20:53:50 EDT 2009

Hi Francois,

I had a similar situation and ended up using separate attributes to paint on
and combine the initial data and
whatever the user paints, in a VOP SOP using add/mult/etc.The downside
however is, the user will have to paint on a fresh 'canvas' and
can't see what you prepared beforehand, since you can only display one
attribute at a time in a Paint SOP (to my knowledge).

Hope this helps.


2009/4/28 Francois Duchesneau <sidefx at trinix.ca>

> Is there a way to paint in absolute mode with the Paint Sop?
> In the doc they say the Paint Sop only store the delta between the
> incoming geometry and the result.
> I'm creating a node that calculates some default attributes as a starting
> point and let the user paint on a following Paint Sop but I want to avoid
> the painting to be messed up if the parameters change on the incoming
> procedural node.
> Thanks
> François
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