[Sidefx-houdini-list] unix cp on windows

Tauszig Pal villain at freemail.hu
Sat Apr 18 05:36:34 EDT 2009

you can use:
unix cmd /c copy fromfile tofile

use cmd /? from a command line to see various parameters and stuff :)


> Hi there,
> For a feedback loop I want to copy the just rendered image to a texture
> file in a post-frame script on my rop.
> I'm trying to use:
> unix copy myoutput.tga myinput.tga
> But the command prompt jumps up saying "command not found"
> Oke I see it's actually csh.exe which makes me think I should use "cp"
> but that doesn't work either.
> What would be the right syntax?
> cheers,
> benS

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