[Sidefx-houdini-list] mantra "clusterThis" procedural geometry DSO - new version available - v1.4.6

Mark Story mstory at xion.org
Mon Apr 6 14:34:59 EDT 2009


Update: Version 1.4.6 available at:

New features and fixes:

* Added geometry velocity blur.
The velocity motion blur now calls addVelocityBlurGeometry() and the 
deformation motion blur is calculated by clusterThis DSO as before 
(remember when using deformation blur you will be doubling the amount of 
geometry generated).

* Added volume instancing.
Simple volume instancing. I started creating extensive Voxel arrays but 
it became clear that would better executed in a separate project so the 
volume instanced is a single "volume object" per location generated.

* Added curve instancing.
A NURBS curve is created per incoming point, created from the points 
generated from the instancing loop.
(Not quite working yet, having issues with part of the curve remaining 
at world origin)

*Optimized attribute processing.
Cleaned up a bunch of the attribute creation and assignment code, will 
reduce overhead.

*Added motion blur pass for CVEX processing.
Added a loop for processing deformation motion blur geometry to the CVEX 
processing code.

*Changed parameter code to use proper functions.
Changed the import() function to the proper 
getFParm()/getIParm()/getSParm() functions.

*Added verbosity switch for console messages.

*Added randomness for when to instance of objects
There's now a control on the OTL to control the "probability" of an 
object being instanced.

*Using SYSsin() and SYScos () instead of std C functions.

*Optimized memory usage for CVEX processing, correct memory allocation 
for attributes and objects.
Now only the exact amount memory is allocated for the CVEX processing 
based ob geometry size and the user selected attributes to be sent to 
the CVEX processing engine.

*Added user selectable attributes for CVEX processing.
Allows the user to select which attributes to be sent to the CVEX engine 
so the VEX code you write will have those data available and only the 
memory required for that processing is allocated.

There's a number of tips and notes I need to compile that will be 
helpful for using this clustering tool, I'll post those soon. Much 
testing is in order now as there's a few odd things I can't figure out 
related to using the addProcedural() method ("deferred processing"), 
which I would think would have a number of benefits, doesn't seem the 
case. Please send any bug reports. And as always, use with caution, it's 
open source ... m'kay?



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