[Sidefx-houdini-list] hou.hipFile.save() issues

David Johnson daveinengland at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 13:16:50 EDT 2009

Could you add a backup procedure to your custom function? Then you could
control how it's done. And could your custom function set the HIP_SAVETIME
variable to the current time? I'm thinking that since you are telling it to
explicitly save the file, that you're bypassing the built-in process, you
may need to explicitly do these other housekeeping tasks too.


On 3/20/09, Tom Nixon <tnixon at laika.com> wrote:
> I'm forwarding this on for a colleague who is having trouble getting on the
> listserv:
> Hey All,
> I've tried posting my question on the forums, but have't got any responses,
> so a friend suggested I use this mailing list.
> Here is the issue....I'm hoping one of you all can shed some light:
> I've got a python method that basically just does a hou.hipFile.save(), and
> i'm just passing in the path on where to save the file.
> I've run into a problem where, if you use this save method that I've
> written, and then hit ctrl-s (file save), it brings up a houdini dialog,
> asking you where do you want to save the file. So it's not remembering or
> storing the name of the hipFile, or some houdini environment variable or
> something...
> Alternatively, if I just do a regular saveAs, then hitting ctrl-s does what
> it's supposed to do and saves over the file. So the only thing that I have
> noticed that the regular file-save is doing that my custom save method is
> not....is creating backups automatically.
> Anyone run into any issues like this before?
> after running my save method command i do a:
> setenv -l
> I also run the same setenv command after a regular file-saveAs just to see
> if there is some variables that aren't being set after my save method, but
> it returns the same variables and definition except for the
> _HIP_SAVETIME...which has been updated.
> Anyone else experience something like this before?
> - mike fortner
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