[Sidefx-houdini-list] fonts in Houdini

Larry Giunta larry at gcreativestudios.com
Wed Oct 29 11:36:08 EDT 2008

Are there possibly any new tools in H9.5 that will allow Houdini to  
access post script fonts.

It seems to only be able to deal with .ttf or .pfb format as  
usual ...... but I'm hoping there might be some new advancement here  
that I'm not aware of.

I realize you can set type in Illustrator and export. But that's a  
big slowdown in large motion graphics jobs ....... not too mention  
limiting ( no control over kerning, etc)

Along the same lines as advancements with .fbx and other ways of  
exchanging data with other platforms and artists, it would be great  
if there were a bit more flexibility with the types of fonts that can  
be utilized in Houdini.....
although I know it does not affect everyone to the same degree.

If there are any options that we're over looking, I'd very much  
appreciate any advice.



Larry Giunta
Creative Director
G Creative Studios
larry at gcreativestudios.com

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