[Sidefx-houdini-list] Autodesk bought Softimage

Moritz Moeller realritz at virtualritz.com
Fri Oct 24 05:48:23 EDT 2008

Nicholas Pliatsikas wrote:
> [... ]Any bugs ive come across that affected our production
> they have always been there to sort it for the next day.
> [...] the following day and a new build was released.
> Ive not seen any other company do that. Especially with
> releasing daily builds.

Not as far as 3D packages go.
But as far as renderers go, the 3Delight developers have exactly the 
same approach to support and dedication to their customers as has Sesi, 
no matter how big or small the place.

And they do put out daily builds for urgent bug fixes. Otherwise 
customers have access to the current latest build (including the 
changelog) which gets updates 1-2 times a week.

> Fair enough about the help docs problem, [...]

Funnily, 3Delight has had a problem with a lack of love for their docs 
too since a while. ;)



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