[Sidefx-houdini-list] Split POP confusion

Andy Nicholas andy at andynicholas.com
Wed Oct 22 07:33:49 EDT 2008

Hi guys,

I already tried posting this on Odforce in case it was something that was
simple, but seeing as no one managed to answer it, I guess it's not as
simple as I'd hoped. This is what I posted:

"Okay, I'm a bit confused about this.

I've got a POP network which creates some particles, adds a force, assigns
a colour, and then uses a Split node to spawn some more particles
(transferring all attributes except color - intentionally as that helps to
exhibit the issue I'm having).

The problem is that all the particles that are created by the Split node
in my POP network don't seem to get fed back into the main simulation.
I.e. they don't experience the force, or pick up the color attribute. It's
as if the particles created by the Split node are in an entirely separate
particle system.

What am I missing here?! How can I get the split particles to behave
exactly like all the other particles in the system? I tried putting a
Collect POP at the end to merge the main set of particles and the split
ones, but it doesn't appear to do anything."

Any of you POP gurus have any ideas how I can get my split particles to be
seen by the other POP nodes?



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