[Sidefx-houdini-list] Particle Attribute Question

Jerry jerry at axyzfx.com
Wed Oct 15 17:17:55 EDT 2008

Hi Stephen

The best way I've found to do this is to push a point cloud representing 
particle cloud into the POP network. Make sure you calculate the velocity
using a trail SOP. You then need to specify some form of release attribute
which you can do with metaballs and the magnet SOP by changing the point

Inside the POP network birth all the particles on frame one. They'll want to
fly all over the place. That's natural. Inside the POP network you'll 
need to
get your release attribute. YOu can do this using a group POP and use
a point expression to reference in the colours from the SOP network.
Use this then to set birthed and non-birthed groups inside the POPnet.

Next you need to tell the non-birthed particles to go back to the 
position of
the incoming point cloud using a position POP and putting point expressions
in that to read the positions of the original point cloud.

I hope that makes some kind of sense.

Good luck

> i am running into a problem with my pop network. i have a source that
> is a tire rotating on some axis. i want only ONE point per primitive to
> be birthed. i don't need any more particles than the number of
> primitives i have. so to solve that problem, in the source pop i have
> given the impulse birth rate the exact number of particles that i need
> on frame one, and then turn the impulse activation off. when that
> happens, the popnet no longer sees that those points which are being
> birthed from the primitive center(ordered). how would i get those
> points to stay with my moving source geometry. if anybody has any
> tricks up their sleeves, it would be much appreciated. i basically need
> a source pop that can create one point per primitive and those points
> follow the moving source geometry, and the ability to toggle on an off
> the points following the moving source geometry. 
> i
> know that what i have stated may be a little confusing, but if you
> think you might have an idea and need an example hip file i'll be glad
> to upload one. 
> Thanks for any help!
> Stephen 
> sjones29 at student.scad.edu
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