[Sidefx-houdini-list] Rayhit returning wierd normal

Eetu Martola eetu at iki.fi
Mon Oct 13 12:29:35 EDT 2008

Andy Nicholas wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion. Wouldn't an SDF potentially cause a visible
> smoothing artifact on the wetmap due to it's resolution?

Not really. You can get a smoother result if you use the sdf value as 
is, but if you do an "if sdf < 0" then you will get a nice precise result.

> Or is the volumetric interpolation better than I'm giving it credit for?

Yes :)

This has a sphere of sdf resolution 20 http://eetu.iki.fi/sdf/sdf_shader.jpg

Scene - http://eetu.iki.fi/sdf/sdf_shader.zip


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