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Hi Simon,

From the docs:

can customize the display of the file listings such that files are
displayed in different colors. This only works if the terminal you are
running spy from is an ansi terminal. To check if your terminal is an
ansi terminal, use the following unix command:
echo $TERM

To customize display of colors with your .spyrc file, use this command:
color filenamePattern color

where filenamePattern is the string to match (you can use
standard *, [] and ? as wild-card characters), and color is one of the
colors in the list below.
For filenamePattern , you can also specify certain file types: -dir for directory, -x for executable, -tagged for selected files.
Allowable Color Names
The color parameter must be one of :
	* white reverse_white
	* red reverse_red
	* yellow reverse_yellow
	* green reverse_green
	* cyan reverse_cyan
	* blue reverse_blue
	* purple reverse_purple
	* black reverse_black
If you added something like:
color *.hip purple
color -dir yellow
color core reverse_red
color -tagged reverse_blue
color -x green

to your .spyrc file, it would color all .hip files
purple, all directories yellow; all “core” files in reverse red; all
tagged (selected) files in blue; and all executable files (as in unix
permissions) green.
There is also a command colortoggle which toggles the display of color. You can map this to another key, such as uppercase “C”, in your .spyrc file by using:
map C colortoggle 

in your .spyrc file. The ⇧ Shift + C  key combination is the default for turning the display of color on and off.

Gotta love spy!!!


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Does anyone know if its possible to change the colours used by a spy
I'm thinking there must be a file somewhere that defines them but I'm
not seeing anything obvious yet....


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