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François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Tue Nov 18 08:30:10 EST 2008

Hi Herman,

I change the clipping plane value on the camera node itself, in the View 
tab. I don't know if there's an other way to do it.

Regarding color scheme, you can change them in Edit menu, then "Color 
Settings...". You'll have to download the one you want. I've never tried 
to customize the color, so I don't know how to do it. It seems that 
those scheme are created only by changing the gamma, brightness etc. Try 
it :) I'm not sure you can change the global color to something 
different than a shade of grey.


herman wrote:
> hi all,
> when i use the older version, i could adjust the distance of the clipping plane at press "d" display option (like how close i can zoom in and how far i can move away inorder not to have the object disappear), now i use houdini 9.1, somehow i cannot find where to adjust it.
> also, i see some people can adjust the background for network view or parameter view into black... i use the display option and have dark background, but somehow it only apply to 3d viewport, wonder where those buttons are hiding.
> thanks
> cheers herman
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