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Gene Dreitser keyframe at rogers.com
Mon Nov 17 09:22:41 EST 2008

There is no hate for the shelf, at least not on my part.

In my experience, as tools get more complex, so does their dependency on certain constraints.  For example topology, the existence of certain predefined attributes, a particular distribution of points in space, etc.

Truly generic solutions are few and far between -- and when we do run
up on this kind of gem, it generally becomes a lower level tool -- a
custom sop, a solver, or OTL (that may or may not live on the shelf --
that part is really irrelevant in my mind).

In other words, it's perfectly valid (in my twisted mind) to have a set of shelf tools that manipulate, say, combing attributes on a character -- this does not imply that this tools is generic enough to manipulate combing attributes of ANY character.

The prevailing winds suggest (again, in my twisted little mind) that the shelf will somehow revolutionize workflow, and allow a level of interaction that we haven't been able to enjoy previously within the confines of the system that we chose to work in.  There is no question that certain things that are now (or will be soon) within reach via python, like 'pickwalking', would be great, but at the implementation level, would you want python processing a 100,000 point mesh to deteremine the next row of CVs to select? Or at a production level, if you did manage to figure out how to do that, would you prefer it rolled into the main application, as compiled code so that you can actually use it in a reasonable time frame?

In spite how this may read, I look forward to being proven wrong...


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On Monday 17 November 2008 08:50, John Coldrick wrote:
>     Agreed.  I don't understand all the hate over the shelf.  Use it.  Don't. 

    Actually, just to maintain my grumpy  old man status, I would point out 
that 'making things easier' is more acceptable to me with the shelf because 
you can simply stow it away if you dontt want it, and the wasted real estate 
isn't very painful.  OTOH(here we go), I still maintain a huge hatred for the 
bundling of stuff like newbie user transform jacks that are forced on you 
because they are bundled into a tab which has absolutely critical functions 
on it like render, etc.  That stuff still really grinds my gears.



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