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Pablo Giménez pablogipi at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 06:56:30 EST 2008

I haven't noticed about this sounds really well, any docs about it?

2008/11/16, rmagee at sidefx.com <rmagee at sidefx.com>:
> > For example I built some time ago a tool for the shelf which change the
> > default dopnetwork for simulations. All the tools from the shelf use a
> > default network, usually  defined as Audodop network, good design but
> poor
> > implementation because somebody forgot to allows the users to change this
> > default network in an easy way.
> There is actually a workflow to do this which is already supported by the
> shelf tools. If you do not have a dopnetwork in your scene and you start
> using the tools then the Autodopnetwork is created. If you add more than
> one dopnetwork into the scene then you can RMB-click on the brain icon in
> the lower status bar and choose the dopnet from the "Current Simulation
> >..." menu item.
> The dynamics tools are designed to use the dopnet chosen from this menu
> and you can change back and forth as you work. Note that when you use for
> instance the RBD Object tool from the shelf and you are using the
> autodopnetwork then a gravity force will be added to move things along. If
> you choose a custom dopnet then the gravity will NOT be added and you will
> need to use the gravity tool on the Drive simulation shelf. The assumption
> is that if you are using a custom dopnet then you will want to add these
> things yourself.
> Robert
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