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Francois-Xavier Boussard b.fx at free.fr
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Not very clear for me what is the standard behaviour for the shelf python scripted tools. I guess the main reason is you can use those script from everywhere, shelf or tab menu... and that is really great.

For example, creating a  SOP rop with the 'generictool' function will create the node without any Ctrl click or viewer click as long as there is an active sop network panel.
The same code for a file sop node, no way to avoid the viewer or Ctrl click. (i don't need to position a file sop in the viewer, did i ?)
I tryed 'genericSopNodeGeneratorTool' that get a prompt option. It don't seems to be for that purpose ?

# rop SOP node
import soptoolutils
soptoolutils.genericTool(kwargs, 'rop_geometry')

# file SOP node
import soptoolutils
soptoolutils.genericTool(kwargs, 'file')

# file SOP node created from genericSopNodeGeneratorTool
import soptoolutils
soptoolutils.genericSopNodeGeneratorTool(kwargs,'file', 'File', prompt='None')

Is there a way to achieve node creation in a network pane, no viewer click or Ctrl click? Maybe one click in a right type network pane ? It is tedious when creating a full network. The turn around i have is to get the path for the network from first node created and then use the python node creation hou.node().createdNode(). But i guess i miss something...


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Just swapped my desktop about too.

The error I get when trying to drag the box from the shelf at obj level is
"The attempted operation failed. Invalid node type name"

if I make a geo and go into it I get no error when dragging, but there
agtain you dont really want a box at obj level.

dont know if that helped


2008/11/13 Phil Spicer <PSpicer at bournemouth.ac.uk>

> Hi Ed,
> I was just trying a different Desktop config, and wanted the shelves
> directly over the Network Editor. When I drag a box object onto the network
> I get an error because it is meant to be invoked through the viewer. I can
> hold down CTRL when LMB the shelf node, but it doesn't have the same level
> of interactivity that I would like...
> I guess I want the feeling of being able to tear things of the shelf really
> rapidly directly onto the Network Editor. I am probably after a hybrid of
> the speed of the shelves with the functionality of tab menu system. If I
> could do this manually with my hands, I would want to use both hands to grab
> and claw shelf tools in turn onto the Network Editor as fast as humanly
> possible.
> Any thoughts welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Phil.
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