[Sidefx-houdini-list] setting subnet parm on a DA

Remba, David (Space Technology) David.Remba at ngc.com
Thu Nov 13 13:01:17 EST 2008

It seems that setting parms in a subnet that is part of a 
DA could be simpler (or maybe I'm missing some knowledege here?)
  you make a DA and want the subnet to specify an output object inside the
  DA.  if you change the output object in the parms and save the DA, when you
  later use the DA the output object looses the setting you saved.

workaround 1:
  put an opparm command in the creation script, but there is a trick here:
  the DA is not actually created when the creation script runs,
  so you need to use an "atjob 1" command to delay the execution:
    atjob 1 opparm . outputobj( OUTPUT )

workaround 2:
  make a preset using the gear icon, but then you have to have a preset
  file saved and moved around to all the users who will get the DA
  (or put it in HSITE)

  it would be useful to have a POSTCREATION script in the Type Properties.
  this script would be run *after* the DA is created.

I will also send this email to SESI support.


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