[Sidefx-houdini-list] UV mapping fluids

Van Aarde nanocell at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 09:31:11 EST 2008

> > Instead of using the birth UV coordinates, try using the actual position
> The problem with that is that I need the texture to follow the fluid as it
> moves, splits, rejoins, warps, etc. so that any bubbles move with each
> particle. I believe that if I just used the particle position, the bubbles
> would appear to be stationary and not stick to the motion of the fluid.

I'm sorry, my explanation was useless. Goes to show that happens when I'm
trying to multitask :P. Use the particles *birth* position. Store the birth
position in an attribute or something, and use the birth position to
generate bubbles around the particle. So, when two particles moves closer to
each other, you can interpolate between their *birth positions* to get a
smoother transition between their bubbles. This technique is not without it
problems though. But its a start, I guess :).

> I'm almost tempted to something crazy with a SOP solver and generate the
> bubbles as instanced spheres on the particles themselves.

Should be interesting!

Van Aarde Krynauw

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