[Sidefx-houdini-list] CHOP HDK Question

Mark Story mstory at xion.org
Sat Nov 8 21:02:58 EST 2008

Chip Collier wrote:
> As promised: http://www.wasbecause.com/video/CHOP_OpenSoundControl.mov

Cool!  Are you going to post the source code on sourceforge?

> A quick question about parameters: On certain OPs such as the mantra  
> rop, you have that groovy alternate output variable section where you  
> can add or remove parameters. Is that a standard parameter that I'm  
> not finding or is that a sort of advanced composite of parameters that  
> you have to build yourself?

I thought you can get those "spare" parms just like any parm from an OP 
(unless this has changed for H9).


> Cheers,
> Chip

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