[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini and deadline... again txt only!

Pablo Giménez pablogipi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 18:43:43 EST 2008

I have used it in the past, succesfully, you only need a sequence of ifd abd
render from them, deadlin have a plugin hich accept ifd.
And I have to said that deadline workrd really well.

2008/11/7 <gravatar at gravatonia.com>

> Are any of y'all using Houdini with deadline?  Unfortunately it is the only
> farm
> software I have available to me right now at UIC.  My sys admin is trying
> to work
> it out with them, but from what he has told me, Frantic doesn't even use
> houdini
> in house.  Seeing as I am the only houdini guy in my department it looks
> like I
> am going to have to try to trouble shoot this myself as much as possible.
>  When I
> try to use a houdini render job, it errors out stating that it can't find
> the
> mantra node.  I also tried ifd's using the mantra renderer, and neither I
> nor the
> sys admin could make heads nor tails of the error and still am trying to
> figure
> out how to get it to use the frame number ifd to the frame being rendered
> using
> deadline's gui.  If any of you are using deadline with houdini
> successfully,
> please contact me.  I'm pulling my hair out here.
> That being said, how can I render my ifd's or even hip files without using
> my
> master liscenses? I one have three master liscenses but I have 30 render
> liscenses available.  I'm afraid I got a bit lost on the documentation on
> how to
> do that.  Hell, if I need to I'll write a script to do it, if I could be
> pointed
> in the right direction on what to right.  Look forward to hearing from
> everyone.
> Grav
> p.s.  Off subject, but anyone know any good tutorials for bringing mocap
> into
> houdini?
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