[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini and deadline... again txt only!

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Fri Nov 7 14:36:21 EST 2008

Are any of y'all using Houdini with deadline?  Unfortunately it is the only farm
software I have available to me right now at UIC.  My sys admin is trying to work
it out with them, but from what he has told me, Frantic doesn't even use houdini
in house.  Seeing as I am the only houdini guy in my department it looks like I
am going to have to try to trouble shoot this myself as much as possible.  When I
try to use a houdini render job, it errors out stating that it can't find the
mantra node.  I also tried ifd's using the mantra renderer, and neither I nor the
sys admin could make heads nor tails of the error and still am trying to figure
out how to get it to use the frame number ifd to the frame being rendered using
deadline's gui.  If any of you are using deadline with houdini successfully,
please contact me.  I'm pulling my hair out here.

That being said, how can I render my ifd's or even hip files without using my
master liscenses? I one have three master liscenses but I have 30 render
liscenses available.  I'm afraid I got a bit lost on the documentation on how to
do that.  Hell, if I need to I'll write a script to do it, if I could be pointed
in the right direction on what to right.  Look forward to hearing from everyone.


p.s.  Off subject, but anyone know any good tutorials for bringing mocap into

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