[Sidefx-houdini-list] polybevel & divide sop

herman herman02 at netvigator.com
Wed Nov 5 08:23:32 EST 2008

hi rangi,

thanks for the advise, will download the latest version and explore the 
vopsop, never use it before and will have to take a look at the 

the "file" means the link u sent me at the first reply.

i also tried using the group sop and group by expression then use polybevel, 
seems working also... but will try vopsop also!

cheers herman

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> herman wrote:
>> hi all,
>> thanks for the respones, i'm using houdini 9.1 since my apprentice 
>> license
>> apply to this version. when i open the file, it gives a warning as 
>> follows-
>> the warning is skipping unrecognized parameter "write values".
>> i sort of understand the blend between two degree of polybevel in the 
>> file,
>> however, when i go to vop sop and adjust the morge, it seems like no 
>> effect
>> to the model.
>> take this file for example, if i want to have the polybevel relative 
>> inset
>> increase along the x axis, does the vopsop be able to achieve?
> Hey Herman,
> I strongly recommend upgrading to h9.5.. I'm using a vop sop, which IIRC
> didn't exist in h9.1. Download and install 9.5 and you should get a new
> apprentice license.
> The file should open then and hopefully it's fairly self explanatory.
> Double click the vop sop to dive into the vop network.
> The vop sop makes using vops, and in particular embedding them in
> scripted networks, hugely more convenient.
> also.. you say "take this file for example"... did you try to add an
> attachment? This mailing list doesn't allow them. Upload it to a forum
> or some place, and post the link.
> Cheers,
> r.
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