[Sidefx-houdini-list] polybevel & divide sop

herman herman02 at netvigator.com
Sun Nov 2 11:17:24 EST 2008

hi rangi,

thanks for the respond, this is the kind of result i'm testing with houdini,


i want to create some continues meshing pattern that can varies according 
with the type of expression i input, like sin, rand that can apply to 
polybevel & divide, so i can control the size of each primitive and not just 
an even "weight" or "relative inlets" apply to the whole volume.

The method u suggest sound very interesting, however, i'm not an advance 
houdini user, i'm not quite fully comprehend your method. will try my best 
to understand.


cheers herman

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> herman wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I want to input expressions like ($PT+… or $BBX…etc) to the divide 
>> sop>smooth polygon>weight or polybevel>relative inset, because I want to 
>> create some meshing pattern for a cube/sphere with primitives varies 
>> continously accord with my input of the expressions.
>> However, Houdini doesn’t seem to allow such input. I tried attribcreate, 
>> it still doesn’t work.
> I'd guess that these operators use more than one point / prim to decide
> what gets done so when you say $BBX.. which of the primitives that the
> bevel is being constructed from are are you referring to?
> Maybe you can achieve what you want by using two version of the sop..
> one with the max value assigned, and one with the minimum. Then assign a
> point attribute to one of those versions with your expression in it,
> pump both into a vop sop and use the attribute to mix between the two.
> or old skool point sop way... assign your expression to alpha.. then put
> the two version into each input of the point sop:
> tx = ($TX * $CA) + ($TX2 * (1-$CA))
> ty = ($TY * $CA) + ($TY2 * (1-$CA))
> tz = ($TZ * $CA) + ($TZ2 * (1-$CA))
> Should give you some sort of decent result, but of course the two
> version of the sop need to be similar enough that they produce the same
> topology.
> hth,
> r.
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