[Sidefx-houdini-list] polybevel & divide sop

Rangi Sutton rangi at kanuka.com.au
Sun Nov 2 08:22:47 EST 2008

herman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to input expressions like ($PT+… or $BBX…etc) to the divide sop>smooth polygon>weight or polybevel>relative inset, because I want to create some meshing pattern for a cube/sphere with primitives varies continously accord with my input of the expressions. 
> However, Houdini doesn’t seem to allow such input. I tried attribcreate, it still doesn’t work.

I'd guess that these operators use more than one point / prim to decide
what gets done so when you say $BBX.. which of the primitives that the
bevel is being constructed from are are you referring to?

Maybe you can achieve what you want by using two version of the sop..
one with the max value assigned, and one with the minimum. Then assign a
point attribute to one of those versions with your expression in it,
pump both into a vop sop and use the attribute to mix between the two.

or old skool point sop way... assign your expression to alpha.. then put
the two version into each input of the point sop:

tx = ($TX * $CA) + ($TX2 * (1-$CA))
ty = ($TY * $CA) + ($TY2 * (1-$CA))
tz = ($TZ * $CA) + ($TZ2 * (1-$CA))

Should give you some sort of decent result, but of course the two
version of the sop need to be similar enough that they produce the same


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