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Mon Mar 31 14:24:26 EDT 2008

Just a reminder, if any of y'all happen to be in Chicago from April 7-20,
try to pop by the Hyde Park Art Center.  My peice "Tesseractive" will be
playing on the Jackman Goldwasser Catwalk Gallery at HPAC.  "Tesseractive"
is a panoramic scale (1:8) site specific video installation work.  It will
be playing full time for two weeks and then will become part of the
museum's permanent video facade collection, played at random times.  


I have both works in progress or plans to create other installational type
pieces utilizing video elements created using Houdini.  I am currently
developing a aesthetic of design based on modularity, and at this time
Houdini is best suited tool for exploring principles of modularity in
animation.  I'll keep everyone posted if you are interested.  Well, that's
enough tooting my horn on this.  Check out the installation if you get a
chance.  Now back to technical questions...


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