[Sidefx-houdini-list] Access shop_vm_surface and ogl_shop information

Mikael Nilsson mikael at camf.com
Mon Mar 31 09:20:59 EDT 2008

Hello all!

I had written about this issue earlier in the forum, but no one there seemed
to know anything about it, so I thought I would ask you all as well.

I am working with HDK and a standalone application. I'm working on a
exporter program, and I have managed to get everything except the
Texture/shader information from Houdini 8.2.

What I want, is to get access to the shop_vm_surface and ogl_shop
information. Mainly the 'map_base' (address to the texture file), ambient-,
diffuse- and specular-color. After I have looked around inside a *.hip file,
I noticed the following text:


In between the {} it has written out all the information that I would like
to get access to. But  I have no clue how to get that. What I can find out
from that information in the hip file, is that it must be some parameter
that is storing this, but I am not 100% about this.

So basicly, is it possible to get access to the parameters/attribute data
that the shader has, and if so; how do I go further to get access to that

Best regards,

Mikael Nilsson

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