[Sidefx-houdini-list] Mantra/Renderman/Mentalray

pingo van der brinkloev houdinilist at comxnet.dk
Sun Mar 30 08:26:05 EDT 2008

The short version: I wanna blow up some stuff.

The longer one: I've been using XSI for about 4 years now and I've  
become pretty familiar with the material editor. I do mostly  
photorealistic stuff now, but I'm getting more interested in high end  
fx. I'm quite happy with XSI, I just want to do some more, and I feel  
that I'm hitting a wall with XSI when it comes to dynamics and  
especially particles.

I feel there's a shift in the demand from clients towards... how do I  
put it... "A lot of things doing a lot of things"...? They want their  
cars to be made of flowers, their clothes to move on their own, and 3  
billion people making their logo with colored pieces of paper. On top  
of that it has to look better than real - or like it's all made with  
crayons controlled by sound. (and in the end it all blows up;-).

I'm pretty sure the application to do this, is Houdini. correct me if  
I'm wrong.

So I went to bootcamp and got myself all the books and DVD's and  
started Learning. But the other day I found myself having made  
something in Houdini i wanted to render out and show someone, and I  
was totally disappointed that I just couldn't put an MI architectural  
shader on it all, whack an HDR environment around the scene, turn on  
final gather and render. I realized that of course I can do this in  
Mantra, and it's actually quite easy, but it was all brand new and it  
took me most of the night to figure it out. So at 4 in the morning was  
left with 3 options: 1: Learn Manta. 2: Get Mentalray, which I know,   
working, so i can concentrate on learning all the other features of  
Houdini. Or 3: take the plunge and pick up Renderman, which seems to  
be industry leader.

So I'm quite interested in what people prefer, without getting into  
some application/render war.



On 30/03/2008, at 13.21, Simon Kapeniak wrote:

> Can I ask why you make a switch from XSI? As to your question there  
> gonna be
> lots of answer here soon so I'll wait ;)
> 2008/3/30, pingo van der brinkloev <houdinilist at comxnet.dk>:
>> Hi. I'm new here in the world of houdini and making the switch from  
>> XSI
>> Is anyone using Mental Ray with Houdini? How does it work, compared  
>> to
>> XSI (very tightly integrated and node based).
>> Should I dive onto Renderman instead? it seems to be very integrated.
>> Is it node based as well?
>> Or should I just stick to Mantra?
>> Like to hear your thoughts on this.
>> cheers
>> pingo
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