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Dan Seddon Dan.Seddon at framestore-cfc.com
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Hi Jaideep

I've written a Fur Procedural. There are fur procedurals available with Mtor, they're pretty elementary however. I don't know if they'd plug directly in to Houdini as I'm not sure what the data input is. I'd guess that you'd be better to pursue other means, but it's worth checking first (by looking through some rib that mtor spits out). In H8 it's pretty straight forward to add a procedural/run program - go to the Render tab and you can select to do a procedural there (it takes some knowledge of how to declare a procedural in renderman) to know what to type in.

To answer your questions:

1 : You can - it's a little involved, though it's at the easier end of writting your own software as interfacing with renderman is very easy. A DSO is the more normal way of doing fur as you benefit from good memory management. Here's a great place to start that works with prman not just 3delight:


2 : Yes that's only for mantra - though you loose some of the advantages of Houdini when you start writting your own code (such as being able to develop complex solutions without ermm.. writting code), so rolling Houdini in to your solution as much as possible is a good option. As a half way house you could look at:


Written by Ian Stephenson it allows you to use Houdini as some kind of geommetry server in renderman - I've never tried it but have meant to. The sense in this is that the reason for writting a procedural is that the memory overhead of generating so many curves is too great so you create them "on demand" with a procedural - this may allow you to do it without having to write too much code and also would give you all the flexibility that Houdini allows (such as doing all your fur filters in Vex and Sops). You'll have a hit with staring up hscript for each render - but you'll get paid back in saved programming hours.

3: If you disregard what I mention in "2" then these days it's not completely impossible to keep all of your curves in memory - as machines have more and more memory and 64Bit lets you go beyond the 2-3 gig limit - so you could just try generating all your curves in Sops. I'd probably do this if I was on a tight deadline and didn't have any experience of writting a DSO/procedural. Once you've generated your curves you should write them to archives and catrib those archives into gzipped binaries, so running iterative renders (as you would when lighting) is nice an light. This is only really an option if you don't have *loads* of fur though and you should minimise the number of nodes you have after your creat all you curves i.e. one step to build all you curves maybe the Flowfield node to do the grooming and a vex node to add some filters.

Hope that is helpful in some way.


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 I want to render a large amount of hair and fur and though Mantra fur is good , I want to do that with renderman. There are some fur procedurals for mtor. I don't know how to call renderman fur procedural thru houdini. 
 I have some ideas in mind. But not clear. 
 1 : Can I use Rman Dynamic Load or Rman Run Program ? 
       I think, for this I have to write an external application first. But how will it work? 
 2 : Can I write a Vray Procedural thru HDK ? (I think it  is only for mantra) 
 3 : Is there any other way to do this ??? 
 Plz Help...

(Jaideep Khadilkar)

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