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Sean Lewkiw seanl at rainmaker.com
Tue Mar 25 12:32:05 EDT 2008

You should try setting it higher... like 100 to 5000 or so.  This means 
that more force is required to break the bonds, so it won't all break at 
once.  Then to tweak, change the glue impulse half life, (or whatever 
it's called) to be larger, meaning that the accumulated force decays 
over a longer period of time, meaning the accumulated force builds up 
more quickly.  You should then find that the impacts build up and parts 
break off as it rolls.


pingo van der brinkloev wrote:
> Hey list.
> About RBD Glue:
> I'm looking at the Breaking Rock example file in the help docs.
> A rock hits some geometry and breaks apart. all works nicely and I  
> understand the workflow. I can also recreate it with my own geometry.
> But the entire object breaks apart immediately on impact. I would like  
> the breakup to be slow... like it travels through the rock breaking  
> one piece off after the other... I'm messing around with the internal  
> glue strenght. It seems that I can only turn it on or off (going from  
> 0 to -0.001)
> Is this effect hard to achieve? could someone point me in the right  
> direction?
> - Sorry if this question doesn't belong on this list, but I guess part  
> of being a newbie, is also finding out where to ask questions. So if  
> this is RTFM, please tell me where to post instead:-)
> cheers!
> pingo
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