[Sidefx-houdini-list] Playback speed - merge SOP vs. footprint flag

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Fri Mar 21 15:54:07 EDT 2008

H9 has had a lot of improvements and I'm not sure it's easy to pass from 
one to the other. Mantra nodes have their parameters moved to a "spare" 
tab etc. I even had incompatibilities between 9 and 9.1 so unless you 
have to I would suggest to avoid 8. In my opinion I don't see the 
advantage of using 8.


> Also, I have an HD license, but... I still kind of like using version 8. But
> to render out, I need the HD license. I found so far that a scene that I
> bring straight over loses its l-system rules, which is annoying but not too
> hard to fix, a light fog that I was using looked kind of different, which
> took a while to fix. Anyway, I was just wondering about other people's
> experiences and what to be on the lookout for in bringing scenes over from 8
> to 9.

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