[Sidefx-houdini-list] Playback speed - merge SOP vs. footprint flag

David Sarma dsarma at sva.edu
Fri Mar 21 14:12:51 EDT 2008

Hello, I'm new here, but I've actually been on the list for a while. Between
the mailing list archives and odforce, so many questions have been answered
already, but now...

I was wondering what the difference is between displaying two branches, one
with the footprint flag and the other with the display flag, and displaying
the combined output with a Merge SOP. When I display the Merge SOP and play
the scene, the playback is much slower than displaying one side and
footprinting the other. I thought it might be forcing all the nodes to cook,
but even if I lock one side that has no animation, it's still slower.

Also, I have an HD license, but... I still kind of like using version 8. But
to render out, I need the HD license. I found so far that a scene that I
bring straight over loses its l-system rules, which is annoying but not too
hard to fix, a light fog that I was using looked kind of different, which
took a while to fix. Anyway, I was just wondering about other people's
experiences and what to be on the lookout for in bringing scenes over from 8
to 9.

And also I was wondering if anyone had a compiled version of the Ocean
Toolkit for 9.1.


Phone 917 375 8730
Email dsarma at sva.edu
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