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Olex P hoknamahn at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 15:26:46 EDT 2008

Hey John,
I didn't expect this from you :)  From any person but not from you :p

> Compared to linux?  I still think linux manages processes and memory
It doesn't have games, though.  OK, ok, some other apps too...;)

On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 6:42 PM, John Coldrick <jc at axyzfx.com> wrote:

> On Friday 14 March 2008 14:33, François Duchesneau wrote:
> > Yes I had the courage... for 2 days. After disabling all the unnecessary
> > services and I realized that more than 500MB was used for the OS only
> > and I wasn't able to run some applications that used to work on XP, I
> > gave up.
>        I just got a new home system, and decided to just face Vista
> head-on rather
> than invest in XP(which like it or not, is on the way out).  I've
> installed
> Apprentice on there and so far, I haven't seen any issues, although I
> haven't
> pushed too hard yet admittedly.  Factoids:
>        Running a quad core intel, with 4G mem and an 8800GTX Nvidia card.
>        Vista 64 'business'
>        Houdini 64
>        SP1 not installed yet, due soon, I'm waiting for it rather than
> pushing for
> the early release since I'm not using this in production and I'd rather
> wait
> for MS to get it as right as they can.  Supposedly helps with permissions
> management and some disk/network speed issues.
>        All-new hardware - not interested in trying to install that old
> Audigy
> soundcard, etc.
>        So far?  Yes, there are some new things to get used to.  They're
> trying to
> batten down the OS with better permissions, but it's hamfisted in
> implementation.  After a week of cursing, I've toned it down to a dull
> roar.
>        IMHO you *need* a file explorer replacement.  They've not improved
> it - they
> made it worse than XP, no arguments.  Fortunately, I've been a Directory
> Opus
> user on XP for some time and their vista 64 version is great.  Nice
> touches
> like being able to switch to admin mode for a period of time makes things
> far
> less painful.   Eventually, I think, the permissions issues will be
> similar
> to Linux.  You *shouldn't* be fiddling directly with files in Program
> Files
> or Windows.  It's just that I'm not used to it in windows, will take some
> time, but I'm coming around.
>        Bloat?  Sure.  Like every other OS(linux included), the footprint
> gets bigger
> with every release.  4G is usable IMHO.
>        Driver problems?  I've had zero.  I think they released vista
> almost exactly
> one year too early.  Don't upgrade to vista, not worth it.  Get it with a
> new
> system.
>        Application issues?  Not for me, so far.
> http://www.iexbeta.com/wiki/index.php/Windows_Vista_Software_Compatibility_List
>        gives a good headstart for information.
>        Houdini speed?  Pretty nice.  Render times, graphics response head
> over heels
> faster than my old XP with P4 3.2 cpu, 7800 BFG card.  I mean it - head
> over
> heels!  The future is threading...:P
>        Compared to linux?  I still think linux manages processes and
> memory better.
> It doesn't have games, though.  OK, ok, some other apps too...;)
>        Overall, I really think Vista will be worth it, moreso after SP1
> and probably
> for sure after SP2(whenever).  It remains to be seen if MS can make up for
> the pain and rage they've caused over the last year, though.  Now even the
> fans are watching it like a hawk, sniping at every opportunity.  MS
> screwed
> up by rushing it out, although it was so behind, I'm not sure being a
> publicly traded company they had a lot of choice in the matter.
>        Cheers,
>        J.C.
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