[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini on windows 64 bit(Vista)

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Fri Mar 14 14:42:39 EDT 2008

On Friday 14 March 2008 14:33, François Duchesneau wrote:
> Yes I had the courage... for 2 days. After disabling all the unnecessary
> services and I realized that more than 500MB was used for the OS only
> and I wasn't able to run some applications that used to work on XP, I
> gave up.

	I just got a new home system, and decided to just face Vista head-on rather 
than invest in XP(which like it or not, is on the way out).  I've installed 
Apprentice on there and so far, I haven't seen any issues, although I haven't 
pushed too hard yet admittedly.  Factoids:

	Running a quad core intel, with 4G mem and an 8800GTX Nvidia card.
	Vista 64 'business'
	Houdini 64

	SP1 not installed yet, due soon, I'm waiting for it rather than pushing for 
the early release since I'm not using this in production and I'd rather wait 
for MS to get it as right as they can.  Supposedly helps with permissions 
management and some disk/network speed issues.

	All-new hardware - not interested in trying to install that old Audigy 
soundcard, etc.

	So far?  Yes, there are some new things to get used to.  They're trying to 
batten down the OS with better permissions, but it's hamfisted in 
implementation.  After a week of cursing, I've toned it down to a dull roar.

	IMHO you *need* a file explorer replacement.  They've not improved it - they 
made it worse than XP, no arguments.  Fortunately, I've been a Directory Opus 
user on XP for some time and their vista 64 version is great.  Nice touches 
like being able to switch to admin mode for a period of time makes things far 
less painful.   Eventually, I think, the permissions issues will be similar 
to Linux.  You *shouldn't* be fiddling directly with files in Program Files 
or Windows.  It's just that I'm not used to it in windows, will take some 
time, but I'm coming around.

	Bloat?  Sure.  Like every other OS(linux included), the footprint gets bigger 
with every release.  4G is usable IMHO.

	Driver problems?  I've had zero.  I think they released vista almost exactly 
one year too early.  Don't upgrade to vista, not worth it.  Get it with a new 

	Application issues?  Not for me, so far.
	gives a good headstart for information.

	Houdini speed?  Pretty nice.  Render times, graphics response head over heels 
faster than my old XP with P4 3.2 cpu, 7800 BFG card.  I mean it - head over 
heels!  The future is threading...:P

	Compared to linux?  I still think linux manages processes and memory better.  
It doesn't have games, though.  OK, ok, some other apps too...;)

	Overall, I really think Vista will be worth it, moreso after SP1 and probably 
for sure after SP2(whenever).  It remains to be seen if MS can make up for 
the pain and rage they've caused over the last year, though.  Now even the 
fans are watching it like a hawk, sniping at every opportunity.  MS screwed 
up by rushing it out, although it was so behind, I'm not sure being a 
publicly traded company they had a lot of choice in the matter.



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