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Marshall Petersen marshall.petersen at gmail.com
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What you want to do is use the RBD Glue or RBD Fracture. This will create
individual RBD object from groups. Just be sure that Create Output Groups is
checked in the Copy SOP and the expression uses $PT instead of $CY and you
should be good to go.


On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 5:19 AM, Chandra Maharzan <chandra at digital.com.np>

> Okay now I have a bridge made up of cards. They were copied over a curve
> by
> one card. What I want to do it make each of these copied cards a RBD
> object
> and put a wind / fan force to blow them away...
> When I make RBD by selecting the brige, its one single RBD not separate
> RBDs. Can anyone tell me how this can be achieved?
> Thanks for the help again.
> Chandra
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