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Chandra Maharzan chandra at digital.com.np
Thu Mar 6 23:13:24 EST 2008

Beers Rangi!!! I tried that and it worked. :)

Thanks. I will try other solutions too. Thank you so much all of you guys.
This list is really really helpful. I am happy I joined it.


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Chandra Maharzan wrote:
> Hi Again,
> I am very new to Houdini and I wanted to try out something.
> I have a curve and a thin box. I used COPY SOP to copy that box on to the
> curve at the points. Now I want to overlap the boxes (which SOP?) and
> the boxes in the normal of the curves so it flows well along the curve.
> Is this achievable?
Try wire you're curve in to a resample sop.. that will allow you control 
over how many points you're curve has.. and thus how many copies you'll 
get out of the copy sop. This should allow you're overlapping.

Also.. try the sweep sop instead of the copy sop. This sop is designed 
for this sort of thing. It also optionally takes a reference curve to 
use as an up vector.

Not to complicate things too much since you're new to this.. but 
sometimes I'll take a sphere.. add point normal and upvector to it 
(point sop).. then sweep that around my curve. (gives the same sort of 
result as the tangent stuff everyone else is replying about)... I'll 
take all those spheres as my template to the copy sop.. This gives me 
the sweep functionality of the sweep sop.. plus the copy (stamping!) 
functionality of the copy sop.


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