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Andrew D Lyons tstexture at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 16:20:34 EST 2008

(to all) Did the "flow normals" tool from Odforce ever make it onto
the exchange? Maybe SESI should release one of those? Every facillity
I've worked at has written it's own. It must be up there with the most
commonly used tool that doesn't come with Houdini...

To attempt to answer your question - You may be able to get some of
the way with normal and up vectors and scaling your boxes using the
"scale" attribute (point sop - particles tab) on your curve.

To get more control you'll need to write a "flow normals" SOP. It
basically just pulls a vector along the curve using an adjacent
point's position($PT+/-1 - and assuming ptnum is sequentially sorted
along curve). Smart ones test to see if it's the first or last point
in the curve - depending on which way you're flowing. Smarter ones
still loop over all multiple disconnected curves so curve end points
aren't connected to other curves. (foreach sop)

Flow normals RFE?


On 06/03/2008, Chandra Maharzan <chandra at digital.com.np> wrote:
> Hi Again,
>  I am very new to Houdini and I wanted to try out something.
>  I have a curve and a thin box. I used COPY SOP to copy that box on to the
>  curve at the points. Now I want to overlap the boxes (which SOP?) and align
>  the boxes in the normal of the curves so it flows well along the curve.
>  Is this achievable?
>  Thanks,
>  Chandra
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