[Sidefx-houdini-list] Copy SOP

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Thu Mar 6 16:16:52 EST 2008

Hi, Copy Sop uses the normal of each template point to align the copied 

Unfortunatly I don't know any way to automatically calculate the normal 
of along the curve.

What you can do is calculate it yourself by taking the difference 
between to consecutive points using a Point Sop.

1-Branch off a Sort Sop and apply an offset in the point number.
2-Pipe the output of that node inside a the second input of a Point Sop. 
This is how you can compare $TX - $TX2, $TY-$TY2 etc to get the new 
normal of that point.

Notice that if you don't have a enough point on your curve then the 
normal won't be accurate. For this you can temporarily append Resample 
Sop to increase the number of points and use the AttribTransfer Sop to 
transfer the accurate calculated normal to the low res curve.

All this is not an easy task if you begin with Houdini. There used to be 
a HDA on the Exchange to do this in one node but unfortunatly everything 
seemed to be wiped out on this database.

Let me know if you want it and I'll send it to you.


Chandra Maharzan wrote:
> Hi Again,
> I am very new to Houdini and I wanted to try out something.
> I have a curve and a thin box. I used COPY SOP to copy that box on to the
> curve at the points. Now I want to overlap the boxes (which SOP?) and align
> the boxes in the normal of the curves so it flows well along the curve.
> Is this achievable?
> Thanks,
> Chandra
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