[Sidefx-houdini-list] Hudach - Houdini User Group

Georg Duemlein info at preset.de
Tue Mar 4 06:52:55 EST 2008

Hi all,

I had the idea - like probably many before - of initiating a HUGG
Houdini User Group Germany:
procedurale - http://www.dezentscientifik.org/
procedurale is also the name of a proposed - maybe virtual - festival.

LEO-oo suggested to invite users from Austria and Switzerland as well:

The main purpose is to gather informations in German language about Houdini.
Offering Workshops, Contacts.
Books, Tutorials, Recommendations.
Measures to propagate the spread.
As we are likely scattered a lot, there is also a 'I am here' like
category - so members can meet each other on conferences and such.

Please share your comments in this odforce thread:

or join at the site.



Georg Duemlein

Am Stadtgraben 45
48143 Muenster

3D*Visual Effects

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