[Sidefx-houdini-list] VOPs question

Rangi Sutton rangi at kanuka.com.au
Wed Jun 25 20:06:14 EDT 2008

Georg Duemlein wrote:
> Rangi Sutton <rangi at kanuka.com.au> schrieb:
>> (of course you probably can do that already with materials... aargh...
>> hard to keep up!)
> ui ... materials support switches ... hm.
What I was trying to describe isn't switching the shaders... it's
remapping what to do with their outputs. For instance, to create a
holdout of an object you want it's Cf and Af to be zero, but Of to be 1.
You could simply apply (switch) a shader that does that... except in the
case where your shader is modifying Of though a pattern or texture... 
such as for a sprite. In which case you need to calculate at least that
part of your shader.

What I'm suggesting is that you could say "Run sprite shader" then remap
the output.. so that it's calculated, but then Cf get's zero'd out for
instance. And that this remapping could be done at the material level,
so one doesn't need to purposefully build in matte types to every shader.

But that's just a vague wondering.. not really an RFE or anything ;)
Perhaps people already have a better technique?


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