[Sidefx-houdini-list] DOPs question

Francois-Xavier Boussard b.fx at free.fr
Mon Jun 9 06:06:57 EDT 2008

Hello Phil,

Have a look at the DelayedSmokeHandof dop example in the H9.1 help examples.
In the example it record if the object has impacted or not plus the first impact
frame number.
You create an empty data field and then modify this data when an object impact
the ground. It used the activation field of the modify Data node to stop or
start the records.

It is a very nice one !


Selon Phil Spicer <PSpicer at bournemouth.ac.uk>:

> Hi,
> I am wondering if there is an attribute in DOPs which records if an object
> has impacted? I know that there is an Impacts section which
> appears/disappears upon collision; however I want something that records if
> an object has initially impacted regardless of if it then going on to bounce
> around a bit.
> Any suggestions?
> Kind regards,
> Phil.
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