[Sidefx-houdini-list] Using something different than AutoDopNetwork

Edward Lam edward at sidefx.com
Fri Jun 6 09:24:39 EDT 2008

If you're not risk-averse, you can try monkey patching [1].

import doptoolutils.py

doptoolutils.getCurrentDopNetwork = myGetCurrentDopNetwork

where myGetCurrentDopNetwork returns the path to your own dopnet.

Looking at doptoolutils.getCurrentDopNetwork() though I don' see it only 
  returning /obj/AutoDopNetwork. It seems like it returns the "current 
simulation" as set according to the simulation menu on the status bar to me.


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey_patch

Pablo Giménez Pizarro wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I am wrting some tools in python that have to deal with dynamics.
> The thing is that I want to use a different dopnet rather than  
> AutoDopNetwork.
> I want to create my own one and then if I use the doptoolutils methods  
> force them to use this one instead of the default.
> I have been diggin into the docs and thepython scripts shipped with  
> houdini and it seems that the dop utils get the current dopnet using  
> the getCurrentDopNetwork() method in doptoolutils.py.
> This method always return /obj/AutoDopNetowork as  the current dopnet,  
> is doesn't matter if you are into a subnet for example it always  
> return the same path.
> So if I am for example working into a subnet with some objects and I  
> want to create all the dynamics into this subnet using the  
> doptoolutils method, is it possible?
> Thanks
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> Un saludo
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> Pablo Giménez
> pablogipi at gmail.com
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