[Sidefx-houdini-list] disappearing HDA parameters

Peter Robbinson probbins at sympatico.ca
Fri Jun 6 07:33:25 EDT 2008


It had a lot to do with the asset manager.
There were specialists, Michael being an important one, who were the 
responsible for developing and maintaining the digital assets.
The artists on the production floor accessed the appropriate assets for 
a given scene through the embedded browser. Core used the embedded 
browser to present an interface to the asset manager. Artists only had 
access to the approved assets for an assigned scene. There were ways to 
access earlier versions of assets, but only when problems were 
encountered. The assest manager allowed artists to report problems (bug 
reports) and these were automatically reported to the appropriate 
Michael play a big part in getting that system to work, it was quite 
remarkable. That's not to say it worked well all the time, there were 
plenty of work-arounds necessary and it took time to get working right, 
but it was certainly the best pipeline I had ever encountered. Keep in 
mind Core used version 6 of houdini on that production and digital 
assets were brand new.


Georg Dümlein wrote:
> Michael Goldfarb <goldfarb at coredp.com> schrieb:
>> The Wild was made almost entirely (like 95%+) without hip files...
> Sorry for the noobish question , but:
> How does this work?
> Are you using HDA that contain the complete scene?
> a irritated Georg
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