[Sidefx-houdini-list] disappearing HDA parameters

paul simpson paul at realisestudio.com
Thu Jun 5 15:28:25 EDT 2008

2008/6/4 Michael Goldfarb <goldfarb at coredp.com>:

> this has come up a few times on od[force]
> otl management is /extremely/ important...and once you get them under
> control their power really starts to rock...
> personally I'd rather see SESI spending time on other things rather than
> building pipeline tools that only a very few people, mostly those not in
> a studio environment, will ever use.
> we built a python based system that versions otls in about 2 man
> weeks...and even an hscript system could be done in a short amount of
> time...
> someone with some spare time should do something and put it out for the
> community to help develop...
if it's so easy then *sesi* should provide a bare bones system!  because
anything is better than the current nothing.  whilst the large studios do
have their own version control system - many small (and surprisingly some
large) shops have poor (or no) established systems.  if sidefx wants to
expand it's market share and sell houdini to new users (small shops doing
commercials for instance) then imho it needs to provide a more complete
package (along with a proper production ready shaders - don't get me started
on that).

for what it's worth (and i've mentioned this many many times before) i
believe that a linux like rpm/deb style dependency system is whats needed.
the current state of otl management reminds me of pre yast/zypper/yum days
of linux package management.  ie, a complete mess!  i believe that proper
otl management *should* be managed by sesi.

for example: right now, how could you easily publish an asset (to exchange
for example) that relies on many other sub assets (say that you have either
created or downloaded)?  you can't - or if you can - please do tell!  this
is hindering us all sharing assets between projects and each other.  this is
a core function that should be provided with the package.  (and overridden
for studio setups).

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